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For Art in the Home I would like to work with members of the host-homes in the production of a series of individual images. The images will be related to protest, photographs depicting the various participants in apparent protest to chosen issues. In collaboration with the householders – at short meetings (1/2 – 1 hr) with those interested in participating – the possible images will be discussed. A manual-like folder containing a collection of media images of people in protest will assist us in this decision making process – and provide the source material from which to decide on any “message carriers”- such as banners, placards or costumes, as well as poses or actions. It will also provide us with a stepping-stone into conversation relating to the subject as a whole. The photo will be taken at a second meeting (1/2 hour max) – at a chosen location – to which will bring any required made or found props.

I would like to make this work in the context of this project for a number of reasons. I am interested in the home – or the private – as a place of resistance: in the personal rant at the television or the Sunday papers, the decision to take action, maybe to housekeep in a certain way like not to recycle or to buy GM free, or maybe to embark on painting a banner to take outside, then to gain publicity, to come back home rant at the television (or to be on television..) etc.

In our society it is obviously not the only place, collective resistance will emerge at work meetings or the pub etc., but in the home the tension between the individual and the social becomes particularly clear. In oppressive regimes gaining control over peoples private spaces becomes essential, to maintain power. It is this border I am interested in – behind which there is are numerous alternative sites of production of both things and ideas.

I am also interested in the notion of public and private self in this context – the difference between the individual at home, and the individual depicted in the media, the way we seem to be complicit performers of the media as stage. This is a rare opportunity to consciously explore this border, working with strangers to make images, which depict them as public individuals taking action.

19 Feb 2002

Letter to all households participating in Art in the Home

25 Feb. 02


I am one of the artists invited to make work for Art in the Home, and am writing to you, and all participating households, today to request your collaboration in my project.

My proposed work involves the making of a series of staged photographs depicting individuals or small groups in apparent protest. I aim to produce images, which are similar to those found in newspapers through a process of imitation and acting.

My interest here lies in an exploration of the relationship between the private and the public, and the individual and the media. The starting point will be a joint exploration of a number of collected media images of protest. The media pervades the daily lives of many people today – with several television and radio channels bringing information and images from around the globe into our private spaces, and newspapers dropping in through the letterboxes. I am interested in the relationship between these public “channels-in” and possible personal “channels-out.”

I hope you will be interested in working with me on this project, which should only take up 1 or 2 hours of your time. I will bring source material with me to the first meeting, which will provide us with ideas for the photograph, as well as further clarifying the project itself. All the decisions will be made in collaboration – in other words I will not ask anyone to do anything they do not want to do! Furthermore, should you feel photo-shy, or should you wish to remain anonymous there will be various costume ideas to choose from in the source material to allow for this.

Arrangements for the taking of the photograph will be made following the first meeting. The resulting photographs, and maybe any props we use, will be displayed during the exhibition with the consent of the participants.

In order to realise this project in time, I would be grateful if we could arrange a time for the first meeting this week. I would also appreciate if you could let me know if you are not able to participate.

I look forward to hearing from you, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. You can ring me on 0131 229 5905 or 0785 54 00 132 (mobile) at any time, or email me on:

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best Wishes,

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