How do people change the conditions of everyday life? This is the first question raised by Lyn Löwenstein's "interventionist" art. Löwenstein sees art practice as a research tool for mapping and revealing the dimensions of the imaginary and the institutional in society. Her installations Bridge, The Other March, and its predecessor Do Others Before They Do You - investigate popular activism as an expression of consciousness. These assemblages present culture and identity as a complex set of relations, which everybody (not only artists) can alter as they see fit.

Excerpt from On Making Bridges. New Work by Lyn Löwenstein by Louise Milne

Special Thanks go to Hae Seung Chung, Charles Esche, Louise Milne and all the staff at the Gwangju Biennale

Bridge, 4th Gwangju Bienalle, South Korea
March - June 2002
Catalogue ISBN 89-87719-08-1

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