the news sheet

In this piece my interests in gender cultures and in the role of the media in society come together into a subversive mix. The headlines, which imitate the sensational language used in the tabloid press, are based on ideas about ‘third gender’ from different cultures around the world. This work has been shown in various places, both in the gallery and on the street. The news sheet tells the stories behind the headlines, and has been distributed in Edinburgh and Liverpool.


Special Thanks to Jasmin Bode, Tris Bailey, Lili Scholtes, Nic Axford, Stevie Dale, Kate Anderson and Juan Esteban Sandoval

News of the World
Documentation and Reading Room, eca 1998 I The Hairpin Drop In Centre, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh 1999 I Tracey, Liverpool Biennial 1999 I EAST International, Norwich Gallery 2000 I Anno Zero, Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy, 2000 I Amerina Territorio Fluctuante 2002


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