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Contact: Lyn Löwenstein m: 07855 400 132 or Rebecca Marr 0131 220 1260 m: 07762 570215


Dumbiedykes Estate, Hollyrood, Edinburgh, Thursday 22 August, 11a.m.

A 50-foot “LUXURY APARTMENTS” banner will be flying from the rundown Dumbiedykes towerblock this Thursday. This ironic action is the collaborative brainchild of Dumbiedykes resident Andrew Wishart, and artist Lyn Löwenstein, who hope to not only raise a chuckle, but also generate discussion and ideas for the regeneration of this neglected city centre estate.

In the guise of a reporter of the “Dumby Record” the artist has been going door-to-door talking to residents about the stock transfer issue. She has found a variety of opinions, but above all, disaffection with the transfer process, which is being promoted as the only available option by the Edinburgh Council. “People are fed up with the process and I’ve encountered a widespread feeling of abandonment from the people of Dumbiedykes,” says Lyn Löwenstein.

“It’s like we are the forgotten people,” said one resident, commenting on the bustling regeneration happening around Hollyrood, including the Scottish Parliament, which is under construction over the road.

As well as the hanging of the 50-foot banner, Thursday sees the launch of the Dumby Record website and the announcement of an Open Design Competition.
The competition seeks architectural and investment-models for the regeneration of Dumbiedykes, which challenge the status quo.

“The people of Dumbiedykes deserve more, this estate should have been considered along with the rest of the developments of ”Planet Hollyrood”. The competition aims to redress this failing through the generation of ideas, discussion and designs.” says Andrew Wishart, president of the Lochview and Hollyrood resident’s association.

Lyn Löwenstein is one of four artists who have been working at Dumbiedykes in recent months, as part of Scheming – a project co-ordinated by the Collective Gallery, Edinburgh. She has exhibited internationally and was part of the Gwangju Biennale earlier this year. Shows in Edinburgh have included solo shows at Collective Gallery, 1999 and at doggerfisher last festival. Her recent work has involved an investigation into the creativity of protest and this project takes these ideas onto a new level as Löwenstein works in an environment, which is crying out for real change.

The other artists in Scheming are Stephen Shrynka who turned his VW Camper into a mobile restaurant for residents to eat and meet; Kirsty Whiten who became ‘court painter’ to the estate, and Mick Peter who is siting a text piece on Lochview court visible only outside the estate. All projects have been in collaboration with the residents of Dumbiedykes. The funders are Lloyds TSB foundation for Scotland, the Scottish Arts Council and the City of Edinburgh Council.

For more information contact: Lyn Löwenstein on 07785 400 132 or Rebecca Marr on 0131 220 1260 m: 07762 570 215.

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