This work consists of a series of polaroid images, a short text and a site-specific installation. It was made at a 3-week residency at Cittadellarte in Italy. As artists in residence, we were asked to work 'in-between' a number of curated exhibitions and workshops. Faced with the situation of having to make work without the tools or space I was used to, I began to explore the role of art-making as a problem-solving strategy, and became interested in improvisation as a basic, everyday creative act. I borrowed a polaroid camera and began to document 'improvisations'. The text 'Improvising the Dictionary' consists of a compilation of other peoples' personal definitions of the word. The project culminated in a window installation, a homage to one of the collected improvisations, which I showed alongside the photos and the text.

Special Thanks to Michelangelo Pistoletto, Clementine Deliss, the staff at Cittadellarte, and the other a.i.r

A Small Collection of Improvisation
Artists in residence, Cittadellarte, Biella (1999) I Backwards Translation Metronome 4/5/6, ed. Clementine Deliss (1999) I Berlin Art Forum, Collective Gallery (2002)

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