improvisation, Germ. Improvisation, Ital. improvvisazione, Fr. Improvisation.

1 alberto doing what you feel in that moment II 2 anisa to make use of existing givens in order to reorder, increase, improve, and generally do, on the spur of the moment, without much preparation/notice: it depends highly on the state of mind one in II 3 benno following your own logic; listening; being actively passive and passively active; finding solutions; fixing; making something explicit which was implicitly already there; being alone is essential in ‘collective improvisation’; translation II 4 charles putting in all the mistakes in order to get closer to the forlorn nature of human activity – not the polished, edited outcome; trying (too hard?) to make mistakes II 5 clementine it requires wit; responsibility towards what you do; control of an attribute you know you can articulate; there is risk, and pleasure of risk; is based on knowledge, e.g. jazz; use of the unforseeable, emphasis on the unforeseeable as a constituent of a relationship, ref. Édouard Glissant II 6 el hotel formonter, débuter, commencer, créer, paraître, s’écrier II 7 eric etwas Vorgegebenes ohne vollständige gedankliche Durchdringung auszuführen II 8 gabriele l’esecuzione di un atto non-predeterminate; nel lavoro artistico l’improvvisazione consiste in scelte parzialmente predeterminate che interagiscono con aspetti ignoti II 9 jeanette the embodiment of inspiration II 10 laurent e.g. Je pense que… ben… peut être que… en faite c’est plutôt simple mais… je ne suis par sur que ce soit ça, ou alors, c’est… l’inverse et vis versa II 11 luka the natural expression of the body and the soul; it’s what I feel II12 maria e.g. why Judith what Judith when Judith what Judith II 13 martin to make do without having a set structure around you in some way, whether physical, e.g. tools or a prepared speech, or metaphysical, e.g language; it requires action outside the usual; it has a creative, maybe more immediate and personal element II 14 michi architektisches Werken, sich an vorhabenen Vorgaben/Mitteln zu orientieren und damit der Umgebung einen größeren Einfluß auf ds zu tuende zu geben II 15 michelangelo to act in the present; something that is not preorganised II 16 olivier free way, context, experience, culture, knowlegde (‘système’), practice, communication, mode (musical meaning), sensibility, necessity II 17 omi stehgreif, steh und geh und greif das naheliegende II 18 paola è come vorrei fosse piu spesso la mia vita II 19 paolo qualcosa che ha a che vedere col mio inglese : momento creativo, esplosione di immagine dove convergono lavoro, esperienze e sensibilità II 20 peter ein Prozeß in dem ständig die Dekonstruktion des nächsten Schritts einbezogen ist II 21 rotem first you need to find your own border, it involves obligation: it is a solo thing: in the moment you have to find a strong identity, through which you can relate both yourself and the other: it also requires the quality of changing yourself: independence is the starting point II 22 simon when you start to be yourself and you are yourself already II 23 sophie to do what one can do with what one has: living up to all situations, even the most extreme II 24 suwan something spontaneous, e.g. if you decorate your house , you start from what’s there and put things togather in a spontaneous way II 25 tal e.g. drying yourself with someone else’s sheet when staying in a youth hostel II 26 teresa ein Bedürfnis mit Vorhandenen übergangsweise zu befriedigen (kann aber auch zu einer definitiven Installation führen) II 27 tristan makin’ it up as you go along, e.g life.



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