A list of the slogans on the banners and plackards included in the exhibition.

Adolf Bush

Let Iraq Live

And Hold Fast Together By the hope with God and Be Not divided among Yourselves

Love Not War

Asylrecht ist Menschenrecht und kein Privileg! Stoppt Schilys Rassistisches Gesetz!

McDonalds = Beef Donalds

Being Human is Not a Crime

March for Palestine

Benigni Presidente Rai

Nato Stop Assail

Bomb Not the Poor

Neo Liberalism Son of a Bitch

Boycott Japanese Goods

No Mast Here

Cloning Veto

Non Ci Terrorizante

Contro Il Terrorismo

Papers for All

Contro Tutte Le Guerre

Peace is the Way

Deadly Invisible Plutonium can last 250,000 years

Per Una Scuola Pubblica, Laica, Gratuita

Demand Acoountability for Tiannamen Massacre

Pope Go Home

Democracy for Burma

Pour le Jugement des Assassins et des Commanditaires

Difendiamo L’Art.18 dalle Brigate Berlusconi


Drop The Debt

Revenge Will Solve Nothing

End Atomic Imperialism

Rispetto dei Diritti Umani

Ending Hardship Building Education

Save Newington Playing Fields

Eta No

Save Our Dogs

Ghigo taglia, odasso piglia

Say No to War

Giu le Mani dal processo sme

Shift to Peace Work

Give Us the Pay We Deserve

Solidariteit met Argentinie Juist Nu!

Globalise Resistance

Solidarity with Victims and Survivors of Debt

Hands Off My Friend

Stop Aggresonit!

I Love Aritcolo 18

Stop Star Wars

I mind the Gap

Stoppt den Krieg

International Campaign Against Terrorism

Thank God 4 Choice

Jospin On a Faim

Un Saluto Europeo A Berlusconi

Keep the pound

Vescovi giu le mani dal divorzio

Kids first

Volpiano Dice No All’ Inceneriture

Laden is The Best

We Have Dumped Our Pumps

Leave Country Life to Country People

Welcome Disobbedenti

Let Every Vote Count

Zivilisation ist Völkermord

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