'The Kunstdienst' or 'Art Service' was devised to suit a particular situation: the curators of a city wide public art exhibition in Bregenz approached me with the idea of making a public art work which looked into the problem of public art. They had experienced harsh criticism and occasional vandalism in previous years, and this was an attempt to broach the situation creatively. Following their peculiar brief I created the 'Art Service': together with local volunteers, and equipped with a number of visual lure aids (4 pictograms, a folding idea vehicle, a thousand balloons and some yellow jackets) we talked with passers by about public art, transcribing the conversations and collecting ideas of how things might be done differently. The results were exhibited at the Kunsthaus Bregenz as part of the group show 'LKW - Lebenskunstwerke.' Conversations continued throughout the show, transcriptions were faxed to me, and every week I faxed a drawing to the museum.

Special Thanks to Lili Scholtes, Britta Blum, Calc, Atelier van Lieshout, Rudolf Sagmeister and all the staff at the KUB.

Kunstdienst, LKW-Kunst In der Stadt, Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria
15.06.00 - 15.09.00

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